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With Citrix Netscaler 11.0.63 you can configure a StoreFront 3.0.1 specific monitor to check the backend services. Now when you configure the monitor you will basically fail for some reasons. Here is how to do it!


  1. Netscaler SIP must be able to communicate (80/443) with the StoreFront server and is not common in a restricted environment (Citrix, the monitor should use the SNIP!).
  2. You must enable the StoreFront monitor service on port 80/443! I use port 80 because it's insensitive data since it basically just shows if important StoreFront Windows services are up and running.

    Open PowerShell with admin rights on the StoreFront server. You can run the following as a PowerShell script:

    # Import StoreFront API Modules
    & "$Env:PROGRAMFILES\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Scripts\ImportModules.ps1"
    $ServiceURL = "http://localhost:80/StorefrontMonitor"
    Install-DSServiceMonitorFeature -ServiceUrl 

    This will first remove the default service on port 8000 and then create a new one on port 80. You can check the service monitor by opening the URL: http://localhost/StorefrontMonitor/GetSFServicesStatus

    3. Propagate the changes to other servers in the StoreFront Group in case you are using a load balanced deployment.

Check your Netscaler StoreFront monitor and should be up and running.

Find all the details at Citrix eDocs: 

Personally that's not enough for me, because even with all services running you might get a "cannot complete your request". I will use in addition a pattern monitor that checks that the login screen shows up. 

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