Last week I started a poll on Twitter about paying for Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy, even Citrix announced at their own Synergy Event it's for FREE. I'm pretty sure the audience was cheering about that.

Let's have a look at the result and what we can do with that.

 If you don't know what the HDX Proxy is then read my previous post about it.

Here the result from the Twitter poll

  1. Most do not want to pay for the HDX Proxy and the reason is most likely that Secure Gateway (SG) was for free and isn't that the whole idea of the HDX Proxy to replace SG? I agree with those voters.
  2. Next up to $800 probably find Netscaler in general too difficult to setup and are strongly looking for simplification. I also agree with the fact that the Wizards and workflow needs to be much easier but do I need a different, new product for that?
  3. The $1.000 group basically should buy a full Netscaler Gateway and get some help implementing the product.


Now I want to review another option for a Secure Gateway replacement and is the FREE Netscaler VPX Express!


Netscaler VPX Express

  • Citrix Windows Secure Gateway equivalent
  • StrorFront + Netscaler simplification (Citrix needs to work on that)
  • Single IP address for management and remote access
  • Single use appliance (VPX)
  • Limit to 500 concurrent HDX sessions
  • FREE to use and no active Subscription Advantage required
  • Limit to around 100 concurrent HDX sessions (Need to check that again!)
    The reason is the 5Mbps bandwith limitation Express edition has.
  • Yearly free license renewal (no SA)
  • HDX ONLY (no SmartAccess features)



Is the setup of Netscaler (+ StoreFront) too difficult? Do you want me to post some step-by-step guides on how to setup NS as SG replacement? Please comment below! 



Slava Kozyrev
# 0 RE: Who needs Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy?Slava Kozyrev 2016-10-25 12:48
As far as i know NetScaler VPX Express (yearly license) maximum throughput is limited to 5 Mbps:
Thomas Kötzing
# 0 RE: Who needs Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy?Thomas Kötzing 2016-10-25 13:28
Yep that's right but still gives you around 100 CCU HDX connections
Markus Löffler
# 0 RE: Who needs Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy?Markus Löffler 2016-10-25 20:06
Netscaler HDX Proxy is history. Before it was even released.
Thomas Kötzing
# 0 RE: Who needs Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy?Thomas Kötzing 2016-10-26 04:52
Question is who makes decisions these days at Citrix? From let's announce it at Synergy to sweep it under the rug...

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