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The profile solution Microsoft FSLogix has become more popular, but unfortunately, the problems are also getting more. So you should know some things before you start using FSLogix.

Group policies

Two group policies need to be set correctly

To redirect internet and temporary files, the user needs permission to redirect profile folder. You find the gpo at:

User Configuration  | Administrative Templates | Desktop | Prohibit User from manually redirecting Profile Folder
This gpo needs to be deactivated to get a value of zero. However, I noticed that the policy is not setting the correct value (at least for me) and therefore, I set the value by a user REG gpo.

DisablePersonalDirChange REG_DWORD = 0x00000000

A favorite gpo with companies is removing the run entry from the start menu, but this will also prohibit to open unc paths. With FSLogix, the redirection.xml file is downloaded from a unc share to the local profile. Therefore the download of the redirection.xml file would be blocked, and the exclusions will not apply.
User Configuration  | Administrative Templates | Start Menu und Taskbar | Remove Run menu from Start Menu

Windows search and logoff

The Windows search (only when active) can have open file handles to files in the user profile. Because of that, the virtual disk cannot be unloaded and will cause an issue with the following user logon. The only workaround is to set up a task at logoff that restarts the Windows search. The restart would have no impact on other users because the re-start takes less than a second.

The following command will restart the Windows search service :
Powershell.exe -NoLogo -NoProfile -NonInteractive Restart-Service WSearch

System file access

Under certain conditions, the system keeps open file handles to the user profile and is more specific to the user keyword store. The open handle will block an unload of the virtual disk and the profile gets stuck at that server. There is an undocumented value CleanupInvalidSessions under HKLM\Software\fslogix\apps that can be used with the current FSLogix Version 2.9.7802.10873 and might help. If not, then you must restart the server!

Format of the redirection file

It's important, that the redirection file has no errors in the format or the xml syntax. If the file includes errors, then this can lead to different behavior. The best indicator is the FSLogix eventlog and an event that starts with "error.cpp(13)" and has become an alert for me. Often, then the vDisk cannot be unloaded from the server.


Hopefully, Microsoft will fix those issues in the future.

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