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Time is an important value for authentification and other things and the reason to ensure from the beining it's working in your setup. Deploying Citrix Netscaler in a High Availability (HA) paair is very common, especially when we are talking about the VPX editions. First thing you should ensure is that the time between both Netscaler are in sync.

Some examples on what happen, if time is not in sync eigther within the HA or between Clients and Systems.

Citrix ShareFile
ShareFile with SAML single sign-on (SSON) highly depends on the SAML token and a lifetime of 180 seconds. SSON will faill and you don't get a really good error message. You actually have to decode the SAML request.

Citrix Director
Director uses .NET token for the user session. Using a Netscaler for load balancing director that are out of sync you end up with a login error. Checking the eventlog you will find some hints on token not beeing valid. Citrix

Another case where you get the famos "Cannot complet your request" error message. Again this can happen, if StoreFront is load balanced and the Netscaler in HA are out of sync.


You should set the time right after the basic setup and maybe Citrix should include that in the Setup configuration.

Here a nutshell walkthrough:

  1. Set TimeZone
  2. Set NTP server
  3. Set NTP server active
  4. Check time on the Netscaler CLI


In Detail: 

1. Goto System | Settings | Change Time Zone


2. Goto System | NTP Server | Add Server


3. Goto System | NTP Server | Select Sever | Action | NTP Synchronization


4. Connect via SSH (Putty) to Netscaler CL | Goto Shell | Enter "Date" command


Make sure you check the "Date" on both Netcaler. This is an important Point!
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