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At Synergy 2016 Citrix announced Netscaler HDX Proxy but what is it really? We all know how much customer LOVE the extremely OLD and FREE Webinterface (WI) and Secure Gateway (SG) for HDX sessions (XenApp / XenDesktop). Webinterface was replaced with StoreFront (SF) and as I announced retired Webinterface with the 3.5 release ( read more about it ).

There is still one problem with StoreFront for some customers and is that Secure Gateway is not supported. StroeFront was designed to work with Netcaler ADC or Netscaler Gateway from day one but they come with a cost; a license required. Citrix reduced that by releasing the platform license that basically allows unlimited HDX proxy sessions but NO SmartAccess features. SmartAccess features include: VPN connections, EPA's, limit access by AD groups etc. but not many customers want to use those coming from WI+SG. Another reason is the much higher complexity with Netscaler compared to Secure Gateway even with Wizards which got better with each release.

To also finally retire Secure Gateway Citrix needed to release something secure, simple and FREE and that is the Netcaler HDX Proxy!


Netscaler HDX Proxy

  • Citrix Windows Secure Gateway equivalent
  • StrorFront + Netscaler simplification
  • Single IP address for management and remote access
  • Single use appliance (VPX)
  • Limit to 500 concurrent HDX sessions
  • FREE to use and no active Subscription Advantage required
  • HDX ONLY (no SmartAccess features)



It seems simple to replace Secure Gateway but if you are using Secure Gateway as a hoster for multiple customer at the same time it is actually not that simple. I actually had contact about that problem with Citrix and is something that they promised to fix with Netcaler HDX Proxy. Also interesting might be if some SmartAccess feature make it over to HDX Proxy and more specific the access limitation by AD groups but I doubt that very much.


What do you think about the HDX Proxy? Please comment below! 


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